Liz Penner Realtor

Working with Investment Purchasers and Sellers

I have been a top-selling agent in the Fraser Valley for over a decade, which has made me a strong negotiator, great with writing highly complex contracts, and fantastic at spotting a great buy for my clients.

When working with buyers making an investment, there are several areas to be considered:

  • The monthly break-even cost of ownership
  • The ROI on the downpayment
  • The future value of the property

When working with sellers of an investment property there are other considerations including:

  • Holding costs in relation to the length of sale if the property is vacant
  • Residential tenancy act if the property is tenant occupied

I am extensively trained at working with the residential tenancy act. I work with tenants respectfully which engenders co-operation. I get my home sellers top dollar for their home, quickly and conflict-free. I do all of this while keeping the process hassle-free and providing high quality marketing materials for the home seller.

I can help you earn money through investing in real estate

I can help you earn money through investing in real estate

Do you have an investment strategy?

If so, let me become part of your investment team.

If not, let me help you create one.

I can help you find cash flow positive investments.

I’ve worked with a number of investors throughout the years, successfully helping them find cash flow positive rental properties that can be held long-term while building equity.

Why I’m Qualified to Work with Investors

I have a background and training in accounting and business that has armed me with the skills needed me to assess the financial elements associated with purchasing a investment property. I have several years of experience working in an accounting firm preparing full cycle financial statements, alongside a diploma in accounting. I’m also currently completing a BBA that focuses on business analysis and decision making.

What the investment search looks like:

Many people start the investment search with a budget which is dependent on the size of down payment. The down payment will determine the maximum investment available. which an idea of an area to look at, sometimes a specific city or even just an area, such as the Fraser Valley.

Pre-sale condos

In BC it is common practice to pre-sell condos years before they are complete. One can purchase a condo with 10% down and wait 2-4 years for the building to complete. Meanwhile, the condo builds value, without making any payments. Once complete, these condos can be rented out over the long-term while the tenants repay your mortgage for you. These condos can be held over the long-term, eventually paying off the entire mortgage.

Resale condos, townhomes and houses

Even in this market, a home can be purchased that breaks even on rent. One can purchase a home on the future skytrain line, an area that is slated for redevelopment, a residential property with a commercial element, or even a condo that allows commercial uses.

Primary residence

Your home is your single largest investment. If you are looking to make money on real estate, start with your own home.

When looking for an investment property one should consider:

  • Market conditions including:
    • Interest rates
    • Mortgage terms
    • Future value of the property
  • Migration patterns:
    Want to make money buying real estate? Find an area that is anticipating population increases and where new home construction isn’t keeping up with future trends.
  • Local area amenities:
    People will pay more to live and rent in communities with amenities such as transit, schools, shopping, leisure activities and outdoor space.
  • Condition of property:
    Better maintained properties sell and rent for more. This is particularly relevant in strata-held properties where one has little control over the condition of the development.
  • Local area regulation and development plans:
    Each municipality posts its own zoning bylaws and neighborhood development plans. These plans are key ingredients in determining if there is untapped future value in a property.

If you have any questions or want to get started, please fill out the form below. Or call me on my cell anytime at 604-376-3350. I am always available to answer questions.